Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pencil/Crayon Roll

Yesterday i managed to have both kids down for a nap at the same time (a rare occasion in this household!) so i thought what better excuse than to do a bit of sewing! Iv been wanting to tackle making one of these Pencil/Crayon Rolls for some time and thought it would be a nice, quick and easy project for the afternoon! I followed the tutorial found here, although iv found if you google Crayon Roll Tutorials it comes up with pages and pages of them! The only problem i did encounter with making this is that my printer was out of ink, my computor is located in the study and my sewing machine is in the games room, needless to say i found my 30mins of daily excerise running back and forth to follow the instructions ;-)
I did intend for this roll to have crayons inside but my quick shopping trip was only able to produce a packet of small pencils! If anyone knows where you can buy boxes of the small crayons i would love to know!
Rolled Up
♥ Sharelle

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Bec said...

Looks great Sharelle! Mum just bought Hamish some of the small crayons, Crayola ones from Kmart I think?