Monday, May 16, 2011

Babette progress

Hello again. Im swamping the blog now.. another project to report on!  This one I have mentioned before, it was started back in November and has been in and out of hibernation several times over the past few months. Time to show it off again. :)
Firstly I thought I'd show you how Im storing it! A centre piece for my new coffee table which I got for mothers day- spoilt me!

Just love all that colour, even on a gloomy rainy day like today. I also love how easy it is to pick up the hook and make a square whenever the urge calls.

And this is where Im up to
Only about 30 squares to go!!!!  Im still unsure what I should do for a border -which it does need, as its really quite a small afghan.. any suggestions!?!
I will leave you now with a few close ups, even on this dull day these colours are so cheery! Hope they brighten your day!

Thats all for now!
PS. Did you spot my other project? Its not quite finished yet, but thats for another day's post!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Crocheted Clover Scarf

Another little project done to report on! This one is for my dear SIL.. here is the link to the pattern. I think it will look quite lovely on her. Its her birthday on Monday, hope she likes it.
My scarf is a bit narrower than the pattern, I had to do that to make sure I had enough yarn to make a decent length! :)
This pic was taken in the process of making it, will try and take another picture before I post in on Monday!
It was an easy pattern and fun to do!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Earflap Beanie

A quick little project that I whipped up today.
The story behind it is my Mum was visiting my sister in Esperance. One day while out shopping my sister was about to buy her 1 year old boy a crocheted beanie, but my Mum stopped her. Convincing her that I would be able to whip one up just like that in no time....

so no time later, here it is!
modelled by my little girl looking quite the part (can anyone see the fat lip she copped today?!) To be honest I have no idea if it is anything like the one nearly purchased, but it should look cute on him all the same!

edited: adding the link to beanie pattern

More birthday presents

Still a huge thankyou from me to Hen and Sharelle for my cool birthday present. I love it! I thought I would add a picture of the table runner which was given me as Hen's post didnt add any close ups!
So here they are,

And then I was spoilt enough to get a handmade present from Bec aswell, a project bag!!! She knows me too well! lol! I totally love it, and it has come in handy already... 
Already showing signs of being well used, apologies about the wrinkles, it went camping with us last week.. :)

Thanks so much girls!!