Thursday, August 5, 2010

Newsboy Cap for a Girl.

Another project done!
Yes I know, very quick. What about the housework, you say?
But I do have some good excuses!

Firstly, I had these 3 beautiful balls cotton turn up on my doorstep yesterday, so I was itching to use them. I ordered them a good week ago from Bendigo Woollen Mills to make some hats that I'd promised for a few people. Since then Ive put another 3 colours on order, they should be here any day now, cant wait!!

Secondly, my dear husband was away on a business trip and was gone for the night so I had to do something to keep myself busy once the girlies were in bed. Crocheting infront of the TV passes the time well.

And Thirdly, well, this blog is doing its job again. :)

Once again I cannot take credit for the hat idea or pattern. As I found it all online. The inspiration for the style comes from a page that Im a fan of on Facebook. NuxieMade has some gorgeous pieces, and if I can ever become as skilled as this lady with a crochet hook I would be happy!! My newsboy cap attempt is not half as fancy either. My crocheting vocab does not exceed the terms ch, sc, dc, tr and sl st.
This free pattern is where I started, but since then Ive altered it considerably to suit myself, but I would still like to give credit where credit is due! The flower pattern is found here
This cap would fit the head of a 1-3year old. My little 2 year old is asleep right now, so I couldn't use her as my model. So instead Im using one of the balls of cotton... yes they're huge, 480 odd meters on it!!
This cap will most probably be going to a little girl who will be turning 2 next month.. hopefully she (and her Mum) will like it!
OK, now I must go and do some housework!


eta- Here's Matilda modeling it for me. This is her "Im trying to watch Playschool here" pose!


Sharelle said...

Love these caps Emma! The colours of this one are very sweet, Perfect for a little girl :)

Bec at Sewing Belle said...

I LOVE the colours, girly without being too bright. And I now I am really hoping I have a girl because those sandals are just too cute ;-)

Evelyn Roth said...

I really love this hat and the colours Em! Just gorgeous!

The Ten Haafs said...

so cute emma, and getting so creative with your crocheting can't wait to see what you come up with next:)

Emma said...

Thanks girls, I'd better get all those hats done soon before I get sick of making them! :)

Leanne said...

I love the hat... and ive got the cotton in the cupboard.... thanks for the inspiration girls!