Saturday, February 18, 2012

For a new little addition

Well I must start with a huge congratulations to Hen with the birth of her new little princess!! She is such a cute little one, and so glad she arrived safely! Ofcourse I couldnt resist making something for her..

I made this set out of 8 ply cotton, so it should feel nice and soft on that new baby skin! The patterns were from all over the place so I will share with you the links! The dress pattern is found here, I went with a bit of a 'watermelon' theme, so I changed the colour to beige for 2 rows before finishing off with a trim of green. I must admit I lost count of rows (7-14) so I do think 2 more were added, which would not have gone to waste as Hen's little miss is quite long! I worked this dress up with a 5mm hook, so a slightly finer outcome than the pattern shows.

The booties are a pattern I found years ago (I can say that now, its coming up 2 years since I took up this hobby of mine!) and its still the best pattern Ive come across for a simple bootie shape! So the link is here I worked with a 4mm hook, and stopped the pattern after row 11 and finished off by slip stitching all the way around to tighten it up. The straps are a simple chain which I started by slip stitching up the side and then making the length I needed (approx 26ch) and then slip stitching back down the side again to create a loop. The tiny flower button was my own little improvised pattern as follows:

(use a 3mm hook)
Start with a magic loop (or chain 4 and slip stitch back into 1st chain to make loop) then *ch 2, dc2 into loop, ch2 and slip stitch back into loop*. Repeat the instructions between the astericks 4 more times (5 petals in total) then finish off. Leave a tail to attatch to bootie.

And then lastly the large double layered flower that I used on the headband and dress is found here. Im quite surprised to discover that this pattern is now for sale, when Im quite sure it was not a couple of years ago when I downloaded it!
The headband is a simple chain length made with a 3mm hook, measuring total length of 36cm to go around little princess' head!

So that is all for now!
xx Em

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hi again! Ive got one of my many blankets completed, YAY! It was only the realisation that the bub that will be wrapped in this, is due in under 5 weeks which prompted me to get out my darning needle and work on all those dreaded ends. So here it is!

And a bit of a close-up view of the edging..

My next little thing to show off is wrapped around my expanding waistline as I type. The pattern is for a necklace, but I needed a little something to fancy up these maternity dresses, so this is what I came up with:

And lastly for this post, some more squares for my CAL. Its February right? So there had to be a valentine flavoured one (not exactly what I voted for, but it still turned out pretty!)
Still blocking for this pic, but now completed.

And two more for February (Im on a roll, so will try make as many as I can before I slow down in May!) makes 6 in total.

And to give you and idea on size, each square Im making is made with 36 stitches per side (in the dark blue for easier joining later!) and is blocked to 21cm sq, thats a bit over 8 inches in the old measurements.
So that'll be all for now!!