Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Projects galore!

How many projects can you have going at one time?! I ask this because I really think I have to stop starting new ideas, and get to completing ones that Ive already started! Those slippers still havent made it round to the little bub as yet, so I thought maybe I'd add a little newsboy cap to match..

So Im about 2/3 of the way through that!

Then Ive started to think about what colours and decorations I'd like to do in the girls bedrooms in the new house. Starting with Elodie's room, I feel sorry for the poor thing, as she's currently sleeping in the corner of the store/spare room in a porta cott! My plan is to have a soft aqua-blue wall, and then use apricots and pinks in the decor to make it girly. So here's the beginnings of a rag quilt..

That's not all, I also have a 90x90cm canvas waiting for its 2nd coat of paint. I still have to decide what exactly to put on it, but Im gleaning ideas from here and here 

And another project in the works is this nappy cover that I thought I'd try out. Still got the leg bands to do and add a few ruffles across the back.. :)

And what about those Amigurumi dolls??

Im looking forward to our next craft night coming up this week Friday, Ive just got to decide between now and then what to take with me to work on!


Cot Quilt for baby

I whipped up this cot quilt top last week for our impending arrival using the space fabric I had purchased earlier and mixed it up with some nice bright prints and some lemon flanelette in the centre and on the backing for the extra snuggle factor!

The idea came from the tutorial here although I made it a fair bit bigger. I intend to applique the baby's name like they did and even though we have already decided on one I will wait until he is here and add it on last.

Next up is to do some quilting! Just straight lines this time - nice and easy :-)

We have another Handmade Rainbow craft night planned for this Friday so stay tuned for some more happenings on the blog!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Baby Daisy Slippers

So inbetween crocheting dolls legs, I whipped up this little project for a friend who has just had a new baby girl. The plan was that I would bring it round to her this afternoon with a meal, but a bout of gastro changed those plans.. Im feeling better now and the booties are finished, I will have to organise a visit for next week to deliver!

So the inspiration comes once again from Holland Designs by Lisa van Klaveren. She designed a cute pair of kimono slippers with the flower and stem idea.
The actual bootie pattern is once again adapted from a pattern I found online here
I was getting way too fussy with flower patterns, I could not find one that was just quite right enough, so I made up my own little design. And the leaves were a last minute added extra, pattern found on this gorgeous blog.
(PS. That blog is well worth the look at! I really love the idea of dressing the naked branch)

And here's the final result:

They fit my (almost) 6 month old daughter, with a little toe room to spare. But I know she has got extra tiny feet. So for a gauge I would say they fit approx 3- 6 months. Hopefully this new little baby girl gets some wear out of them before Summer is over.

Thats all for now, back to crocheting dolls legs.....


Monday, September 13, 2010


Seeing as these are finally on the way to their new owners this week i thought i would post a pic! These are two shirts i purchased from Target with the intent to applique 'somthing' on them as birthday presents for my friends little girls. Here is how they turned out, the first is for a little girl who loves ballet (and also takes lessons) and the second is a flower (because its girly and i couldnt quite think what this little girl 'was into'!)  Hopefully they like them :) On the weekend i also did two long sleeve shirts for my little boy, i should have taken photos straight away as now one is in the wash and the other he is wearing!

If you are wanting to do somthing similar to this with your own childrens plain shirts a fantastic tutorial to follow is this one here, from our very own blogger Bec!

 x Sharelle

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hello everyone, I have not been on this blog for quite awhile. We have just moved house well 2 weeks ago to be exact and well slowly getting there. Not to sday I have not done any crafts during this time, I did finish off a bag for my sister in law.. will take a pic of it and put it on here soon.. and also started another bag as well, soon I will be all bagged out. I have to finish off the bags for the family first and then I thinka break from bags will be in order. I am also at the present time learning how to crochet. So far have been practising and now actually started, I want to make a blanker for each of my girls. For their new rooms. and then see what comes up after that. I have so many things that I want to do and just not enough time. I also would love to make a few of those flannel blankets for my sister and sister in law that are expecting. I think a tutorial on the blanket is in order Sharelle:) I am sure you have inspired many.. Many things that I want to get down and hope to slowly get my list done. So that is what I have been upto lately, hope to have some pics up soon...


Personalised Baby Blanket

Sharelle inspired me to get moving on some things for our baby on the way - seeing she has already made something for me - see the post below!

For this quick project I personalised a ready-made coral fleece baby blanket that I bought on sale for $7! I added blanket stitch around the edge and finished it off with some hand applique of a rocket and some stars. Another great idea would be to do one with the baby's name, but as we haven't decided on that yet it might have to wait :)

Check out Sewing Belle for more details!


Monday, September 6, 2010

Rag Quilt

Hello! So apart from all the sickness that has ravaged our household in the last week or so this is what i have been upto...my very first Rag Quilt! It is made out of Quilters Flannel and is to be a gift for a special baby boy who is due the end of Dec 2010! Yes im a bit ahead of myself but once i had all the fabric i was itching to see what it looked like all sewn up! So here it is, hopefully when this little one arrives he is as pleased with it as what i am (oh and his mum too!) :D
Hanging on the line after being washed (the first wash is essential as it gives the flannel its frayed look)
All dry and folded up!

x Sharelle

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Craft Night!

Last night (4th Sept 10) we held our first of what we hope to do once a month, Craft Night! Here are a couple of photos of what we got upto!
Group Shot = Sharelle, Hen, Bec & Emma

Sharelle Sewing, Hen learning to Crochet off Bec, Emma Crocheting

Our snacks for the night :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Amigurumi Dolls

Hello! Its time I share with you all what Im busy with at the moment. Getting a little tired of making hats, but still have a few to finish over the next couple of weeks. But my newest project is still in its very early stages, and it will probably be a good couple of months before Im done. Amigurumi Dolls!! 'Amigurumi' is a fancy Japanese word to describe the art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed creatures, usually animals. But in my case, not so small, (35cm tall) dolls.

And yes Im talking plural. One doll requires 6x 50g balls of wool in different colours, and me thinking I was smart, decided to buy 6x 200g balls of wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills and then mix and match the colours and make 4 dolls!!!! I do have 3 daughters after all, so three of the dolls will find a home right here, Im thinking the 4th will go to my little niece..
It will be interesting to see if  I can get them all done before the year's out!
So here is the pattern that Im working from. So far Im working exactly to it, no deviations. But looking forward I may make the head a little more rounder than what the pattern suggests...
It is all worked in one type of stitch (sc) on a small hook to keep everything tight.
Its my first try at working from a pattern chart, I think Im getting the hang of it!

And this is how far Ive come, 3 and a half legs!

Considering my crazy weeks with birthdays and colds all round, I think Im doing pretty well!
Im really happy with the colours Ive picked, girly-ish, without using pink! :)

So Im off to go work on the rest of that leg!