Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Introducing Emma......

Hi, my name is Emma, I’m blessed to be Mum to 3 little girls. Although that in itself keeps me incredibly busy I still make time in my days to pursue my hobbies. Currently I’m the crazed crocheter out of the four of us. I’m only new to the hook, but thoroughly enjoy whipping little bits up.

I also love upholstering, as this was my job before kids. I do own an industrial sewing machine but it hasn’t seen the light of day for more than a year! It will however become useful in the near future for all the soft furnishings I intend to make for our new house. All my wish list includes now is a compressor, staple gun and a dirty great big workbench!

My last and most neglected hobby would be my portrait drawings, hopefully this blog will encourage me to pull out the ol' pencils and see if I’ve still got the touch!

If there's any hobby that I still hope to try my hands at, it would have to be painting with watercolours. It’s something that has always interested me but I have never quite been brave enough to try. But really, you never know where our hands may take us!

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Eleanor Becker said...

Viewed your newsboy hat on Raverly. It is for 1-3 yrs of age. I am in need of a pattern for this type of hat for the summer. Do you have this pattern in an adult size, I am wanting to use cotton yarn. Would you have any suggestions for another pattern if yours is not available.

The pattern is adorable and so is your little girl.

Waiting to hear from you....Thanks..