Monday, August 9, 2010

Crochet Hook Roll

This morning (after a spot of housework dont worry!) i made this Crochet Hook Roll for the Crazy Crocheter (aka Emma!) among us. After seeing my pencil roll in the previous post Emma mentioned that a similar roll to put crochet hooks in would be very handy so instead of upsizing the pencil roll i googled crochet hook roll tutorial and came up with this one. Below is a photo of the finshed product which i think the new owner is pretty happy with, unfortunatly i cant show you a pic of it filled or rolled up because i dont own any crochet hooks!! 

♥ Sharelle

So its Emma here now, just hijacking Sharelle's post to add a couple of pics of it being used! :)

Its so pretty, thanks heaps Sharelle!!


Henrietta said...

Looks really handy Sharelle, nice job well done. Love the fabric:)

Emma said...

Thanks so much Sharelle,Im thrilled with it! :):) It looks so snazzy and holds everything just nicely! Ive got a couple of pics of it filled, do you mind me hijacking your post to add them in?

Sharelle said...

Ohhh yes please would love to see it filled!! xx

Bec said...

Great idea, so much handier to have them in size order too! Well done Sharelle!

Sharelle said...

Awesome Em! It looks better filled :)