Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A few little things

Hello, I am just stopping by to let you all know that I havent forgotten about our blog, and I certainly havent stopped crocheting. I think Im currently in the process of becoming the queen of WIP's (Work In Progress) as my collection of half finished projects seems to be growing by the day.

Some stuff I cannot show on here right now, as they're are presents, but here are a few things that I can share.

The first being a little beanie-of-sorts which I originally planned to make for Elodie, but its just a touch on the small side, although she still does look adorable in it, don't you agree? But then, as her mother I may be a little biased, I would still consider her adorable even if she was dressed in a paper bag! :)

I will be gifting this one on to a newborn some day. Here's a link to the pattern..
more detail on my work is here.

Then there is the novelty idea of making a beanie that looks like a fish eating your head... I know it sounds really odd, but I personally think its AWESOME!  ha ha! My progress so far is not really much to see, it wont start looking like a fish till I add lips, fins and scales but linked here and here are other people's finished projects, you gotta admit, that's pretty cool!!

Then Im also in the process of depleting my scrappy yarn stash by means of a granny blanket. Its not the prettiest combination of colours, but Im sure it will be the kind of blanket that will get a good load of use come next winter. Every time I look at it, it makes me imagine what a rainbow would look like after being put through the blender.. lol!
Please excuse the grainy pic, it was taken with my web cam.. it doesnt really show the true colours, there's actually a lot of bright pinks, purples and blues through it. I will update to a clearer photo once Im finished the project.

So that's all for now!