Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Nappy Bag

Well here is my first craft related post! This is a Nappy Bag & matching Nappy Wallet i made for myself last week! Finally something i actually sewed for myself :) I am not sure where the pattern for this bag originates but it was passed onto me from my Mum,.There are 4 different sizes of bags you can make, Extra Large (being the one i used) Large, Medium & also Small. The small version is suitable for a little girl and they are adorable!

Anyway back to the bag i made, i found the fabrics at a local patchwork shop in town and fell in love with them! To customize the bag to suit me i added two pocket's to the inside lining of the bag, one to fit my mobile phone in (so much easier than trying to find it in the bottom of my bag!) and also one to hold a baby bottle. I lined the pockets with Iron-on-Interfacing to give them added support as well, lastly i also added a magnetic clasp so that it holds together nicely!
Front of Bag

Next i made a matching Nappy Wallet, this is actually a pattern i designed myself, i have sold a few of these in the past. To this particular one though i added a pocket to the inside which nicely holds some nappy rash cream or in my case a spare pair of jocks for my 2.5yr old!

Closed Nappy Wallet
Open Nappy Wallet

So there you have it, my first craft related post! Hope you like it :) now i cant wait to see what the other girls have been upto!
♥ Sharelle


Emma said...

What a smart idea Sharelle, having the extra pocket in the nappy wallet! Love the combinations of colours and patterns in this set!!

Bec at Sewing Belle said...

Love the colours! And doesn't it feel great to do some 'selfish' sewing for a change!!