Friday, March 23, 2012

A quick sewing update!

Hi Everyone :)
Its been awhile (well a long time actually!) with good reason though, the past few months haven't allowed for much craft business, hubby had holidays (Christmas), we sold and moved house and are now in the process of building again and we also found out we are expecting baby number 3 (due mid sept!)! So lots of excitement all round just not alot of productivity sewing wise. In the few months since I have posted I did complete a couple of projects, Ill share 2 of them with you now and the other I still need to go back and take photos of as it has been gifted on!

This was my first large sewing project that I've completed, its a single bed size patchwork quilt and will be going on my Miss 2yr olds bed, when she finally vacates the cot (no hurry here although I'd love to see it on a bed!) I purchased the pattern from our local patchwork shop along with the fabric, surprisingly it didn't take me long to complete either! I did 'cheat' by getting it professionally quilted as my basic machine isn't really all that capable of quilting such a large project, anyway here it is,
Not the greatest of photos, but you get the general idea :)

Close up of some of the fabric used
And last another project that was started end of last year with the aim of it being finished my beginning of Feb when our friend Henrietta's baby was due, sadly I didn't meet my deadline but gave it to her shortly after bubs arrived, better late than never! So I made what I call a Magic Pillow (another name Iv heard used is Quillow) No pattern was followed, I just bought a panel (or was it maybe 3!) from Spotlight and with my Mums help measured some that she had previously made, quilted it and then sewed the pillow on. Wow that made it sound simple but at the time it was a bit more complicated, although I do have plans to make another so It cant have been that bad! Here are the pics of it completed,
Again sorry for the poor photo quality, we were in the middle of moving when I gave it to her!

and folded up into a pillow :)

Till next time,
Sharelle x

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Just a quick post tonight!
So my hands continue to keep busy, this time I thought I would build a friendly little guy whom my daughters have name Owly (original eh?) He stands at approx 20cm tall, all soft and squishy!
He is a mish-mash of all sorts of patterns, mixed in with a bit of my own design.