Friday, August 19, 2011

Update from Hen

Hello Hello everyone I know a post from if wonders never cease!! I thought it high time to put a few pics on to show you that I have not given up sewing.. far from it but I never think to take pics and post them so this time I did a few!! think I like it! I have a few other projects as well so ppost soon they are done and are in my cupboard and I better take some pics soon!! They will be making there way to canada as baby presents so better take some soon and send those off. For the rest busy with a quilt I am making for my oldest daughter Angelina and then one the same with a few different colors for my daughter Tess. so can't wait to finish those!! then what next,, I have been wanting to start my cross stitching soon and also to crochet a blanket for bubs number 3!! Yes we are have another baby in the beginning of Feb. so was thinking of maybe crocheting a baptism blanket. so we will see how that starts off. So a few projects on the way and hope I remember to take some pics of the some before I give them away! so hope to talk to you all soon again!

 A hat I crocheted for my sisters little boy Isaiah!! still have to send it off but thought I better get a few things for the other boys,, so just finished that and will be sending it off shortly! this is the hat that I crocheted with my friend Emma
 Heres the top of the hat!! was actually proud of myself,, well I had a wonderful teacher! my daughter was not to happy to be wearing thes so did not get any cute head shots
 A blanket I made for my sister Francine for her little girl Lianne May! She was born 10 weeks early and is doing incredibly well. that was a while ago and so finally finished and off that is going to canada!!! can't wait until she gets it!! Turned out quite nice and I made this with a friend that I sew with quite often as well! she made one as well!!
 and another pics!
Just a bit of a closer pic so you can see abit more! next week off it goes in the mail!

So until next time Henrietta

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cardi for newborn

Hello, here's a little project I whipped up yesterday after hearing of a new little bubba being born. The little girl was born a healthy 7lb 6oz, very close to the size of my girls. So that got me thinking, how about I make her a little piece of clothing that will fit her straight away. I remember what it was like to have so many clothes, but none that fitted my petite little newborns. So here is the result a teeny tiny cardi. The pattern is called Bombay Love and it has a bit of an oriental look to it. Its designed to go over the top of a long sleeve, I think it would look cute over a grow-suit!

And a close-up of the button detail.. arent they cute?
Now I must get it to little Miss bub as soon as I can.

Friday, August 5, 2011


I'd like you all to meet a little guy who emerged from my yarn stash today.

Introducing Reggie the Rectangle.
He's one cool little cushie who just happens to be rather cuddly too.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So you think you can sew?

Not in comparison to the other girls on this blog, but I gave it my best shot today! Miss E has been sleeping under a coverless quilt for 5 months now, so today I decided the situation had to be corrected. And here is the result.

Although this is not a clear pic it gives you an idea of what it looks like (and maybe hides a bit of the 'roughness'.) But Im happy with the results. I tried a bit of gathering on one section, and a ruffle here and some ripple ribbon there. Viola! Still need to add some press studs to the opening, but its already got a sleeping girl under it, so that will have to wait till tomorrow..
The fabric is so cute, just love the little birdies, here's a close-up of them!

x Em

Photos to share

Oh its so nice to hear from our readers out there! I recieved a lovely email from an old school friend who tried out my newsboy cap pattern and has got some wonderful results. She's talented, both in crocheting and photography!! And not only that, her girls are so cute! So with her permission Im letting all you out there see the pictures she shared with me. Thanks Leanne! :)

Im sure Im not the only one here at The Handmade Rainbow  that loves to hear that this blog is being followed and its so exciting to see patterns being tried. So feel free when you drop by to leave us a comment, it makes our day!