Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CAL Afghan 2012

Hello blog world! Its already the new year. I apologise for it being so quiet from this end over the past month, but that seems to be what happens around this season. Lots of lovely family time, and fun in the sun. But we're almost settling back down to normality now, big miss 5 year old starts preschool next week, and even hubby has returned to work this week after 4 weeks off. But my hooks have not been idle. Ive got soo many blankets on the go that I think I should share, another collection of photos of unfinished projects!!

These first pictures are of 2 blankets Im making from the same pattern. And that is one that Ive shared before in the post Vintage Baby Blanket. I love this pattern, can you tell? The first is for a little girl who will join the family this year, and the 2nd is a blanket I started, just for the fun of it, which Halle has claimed for herself.

with a close-up below

Then Im working on a gorgeous thick baby boy blanket, the stitch is called basket weave.. which is a pretty apt description!
Chewing into a lot more yarn than I expected, so will need another ball to finish this one off.

But Im sure you may be wondering what my title means.. what is a CAL? Well that is my New Years Resolution of sorts. CAL stands for Crochet-ALong. Basically its a group of crocheters all working on the same project so we can share tips, ideas and show off our finished work. This CAL that I have joined for 2012 will run for the whole year. Each month a pattern (or two) will be chosen by the group, so by the end of the year each person will have enough squares made up to build a whole blanket. I originally planned on making 24 squares (2 per month). But since then decided that 30 over the whole year would make for a better sized afghan. So some months I will be working on 3 squares. Here are my January squares:

blocking and almost ready to be packed away to await the completion on the other 27!
All the other details are over here on Ravelry


So thats it for now.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Update from Henrietta

Hello Again yes I am still here I just forget to take pics of my finished projects and when I think about it again I have already given it away! This one is special thou I really wanted to make my own baptism blanket for bubs number 3! I asked Emma to teach my so we came up with this pattern and she should me how to do the middle! I enjoyed it very much and did it almost every evening until the middle was big enough! Now for the border I went back to Emma and we were trying to figure out how do it becasue as you know she is left handed,, while I am right handed,, so for her to teach me would of been very difficult. So the friend that she is she offered to finish it off!! And what a beautiful job she did! I absolutely loved it and just had to share with you all! If the bubs is a boy we can put some blue ribbon in the border and a girl some pink ribbon! so happy that its done and thanx again so much Emma! I can't wait until my next project just waiting for my sis in Canada to have her bubs! then I can start on something for her! I am also sewing another blanket for my sister in canada and my friend Sharelle is helping me make some receiving blankets for bubs!!! So I have been very spoiled lately! Thanx Sharelle!!!!!!!! Until next time!!!! Henrietta

The border that Emma did to finish the blanket! Sorry I am not as organized as the other ladies and don't know where we got the pattern or the border from!!! sorry

The finished product!!!! Just love it!


Emma here, just editing to add a link to the patterns for Jodi. The bulk was crocheted in V-stitch which you can find a pattern to here, then it was finished with the border from this pattern. So a bit of a mish mash of two patterns! Hope that helps.