Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Pyjamas!

Its fastly approaching winter in our neck of the woods (south of Western Australia) and with winter comes the need for warmer clothes, pajamas in particular! Today I sewed my eldest (3yr old boy) a pair of Pajama pants :) We made a special trip to spotlight this morning and he picked out the fabric he wanted, Lightning McQueen flanelette it was! I didnt use a tutorial or pattern for these, just traced onto baking paper the outline of a pair of pants he fitted, and then used my basic knowledge for sewing clothes! After our trip to spotlight we raced into Target and picked up a plain long sleeve Tee Shirt to match (im not game enough to sew that aswell!) at home I was digging around in my sewing box and I found a little lightning mcqueen transfer so I also sewed that onto the shirt to match. Master 3 was very happy with the finished product, so much so that he has worn them since 3:00 this arvo and refuses to take them long as he wants to take them off tomorrow morning to get dressed for Church im not bothered :)
Finished product...

Trying to give Mum the thumbs up...LOL!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Birthday Present

I am posting this on behalf of Sharelle - she made me this beautiful table runner for my birthday, sewing in collaboration with Henrietta (see the post below). Sharelle forgot to take a pic before giving it to me so I took one this morning (had to wait until my table was tidy!!).

Thanks again Sharelle, I love it! If you would like to see what I made for Emma and Sharelle's birthday you can pop over to Sewing Belle :-)


Monday, April 11, 2011

Table Runners!

A table runner for Emma!

Hello Again,, I know its been a long time and I can name all the excuses that I can its just been so busy over here. I had my parents out for a couple months and so had to share them with my sister that lives in perth. We also went to perth for a bit of the time and also on holidays. We had a very enjoyable time with them and looking forward to the next time,, who knows when that will be! I will try and be a bit more dedicated this time round, I just had to actually do it Its not like I have not been sewing for the last while I just have been sewing and giving them away before I have taken a photo of them,, but I remembered with these 2 and so thought I better post them before I forget. It was Sharelles birthday and so I thought I should make something for her and so I went with Sharelles mom and we found some material and so off I went sewing.  It was also Emmas birthday the same day and Becs 2 days later and so we put our thinking caps on and decided to sew the girls something together!( Sharelle and I did) and this is what we came up with. Table runners, I am sure they will get good use out of them!!!  I have some up coming projects that I really want to get started..I would love to make for my 2 girls quilts for there bed and so I hope to start that soon. I also have my sister and her friends here from Canada and so I will be making them something to remind them of there wonderful time in Australia. I also thought this year for some presents I will try and make them something. Not sure if it will work all the time but I will sure try. Will see you next time!!! not to long away:)

A table runner for Sharelle

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sunday Cardi

Hello blog world, Im back! So glad Sharelle and Bec have been keeping this place alive. We are now in our new place and settling in nicely, even had the time for a bit of crocheting. And Ive finally finished a project to share with you all.
A cardi for Miss Tilly.. :)

Im really happy with the way it turned out, a nice quick and easy pattern. The original pattern is for infant, but with a bigger hook and extra rows it fits her beautifully. I also decided to keep the arms short, and not make the body too long, as I had made it to specifically go over this dress, and its not quite winter here yet, so she should get some wear out of it. Here's the pattern link . I do think I will be making more like this!

That is all for now, Ive got lots of project 3/4 finished so hopefully I will not be gone too long!