Monday, September 13, 2010


Seeing as these are finally on the way to their new owners this week i thought i would post a pic! These are two shirts i purchased from Target with the intent to applique 'somthing' on them as birthday presents for my friends little girls. Here is how they turned out, the first is for a little girl who loves ballet (and also takes lessons) and the second is a flower (because its girly and i couldnt quite think what this little girl 'was into'!)  Hopefully they like them :) On the weekend i also did two long sleeve shirts for my little boy, i should have taken photos straight away as now one is in the wash and the other he is wearing!

If you are wanting to do somthing similar to this with your own childrens plain shirts a fantastic tutorial to follow is this one here, from our very own blogger Bec!

 x Sharelle


Emma said...

aww they are cute Sharelle!! Im sure two little girls will be thrilled with them! (and their Mum!) :)

The Ten Haafs said...

so cute sharelle) they turned out really nice

Bec said...

Love the ballet shoes, I'm sure the girls will love them!