Saturday, February 18, 2012

For a new little addition

Well I must start with a huge congratulations to Hen with the birth of her new little princess!! She is such a cute little one, and so glad she arrived safely! Ofcourse I couldnt resist making something for her..

I made this set out of 8 ply cotton, so it should feel nice and soft on that new baby skin! The patterns were from all over the place so I will share with you the links! The dress pattern is found here, I went with a bit of a 'watermelon' theme, so I changed the colour to beige for 2 rows before finishing off with a trim of green. I must admit I lost count of rows (7-14) so I do think 2 more were added, which would not have gone to waste as Hen's little miss is quite long! I worked this dress up with a 5mm hook, so a slightly finer outcome than the pattern shows.

The booties are a pattern I found years ago (I can say that now, its coming up 2 years since I took up this hobby of mine!) and its still the best pattern Ive come across for a simple bootie shape! So the link is here I worked with a 4mm hook, and stopped the pattern after row 11 and finished off by slip stitching all the way around to tighten it up. The straps are a simple chain which I started by slip stitching up the side and then making the length I needed (approx 26ch) and then slip stitching back down the side again to create a loop. The tiny flower button was my own little improvised pattern as follows:

(use a 3mm hook)
Start with a magic loop (or chain 4 and slip stitch back into 1st chain to make loop) then *ch 2, dc2 into loop, ch2 and slip stitch back into loop*. Repeat the instructions between the astericks 4 more times (5 petals in total) then finish off. Leave a tail to attatch to bootie.

And then lastly the large double layered flower that I used on the headband and dress is found here. Im quite surprised to discover that this pattern is now for sale, when Im quite sure it was not a couple of years ago when I downloaded it!
The headband is a simple chain length made with a 3mm hook, measuring total length of 36cm to go around little princess' head!

So that is all for now!
xx Em


Leanne said...

TOO CUTE! :) love it emma, especially the colours...

Bec said...

So pretty! Beautiful job as always Em ;-)