Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hi again! Ive got one of my many blankets completed, YAY! It was only the realisation that the bub that will be wrapped in this, is due in under 5 weeks which prompted me to get out my darning needle and work on all those dreaded ends. So here it is!

And a bit of a close-up view of the edging..

My next little thing to show off is wrapped around my expanding waistline as I type. The pattern is for a necklace, but I needed a little something to fancy up these maternity dresses, so this is what I came up with:

And lastly for this post, some more squares for my CAL. Its February right? So there had to be a valentine flavoured one (not exactly what I voted for, but it still turned out pretty!)
Still blocking for this pic, but now completed.

And two more for February (Im on a roll, so will try make as many as I can before I slow down in May!) makes 6 in total.

And to give you and idea on size, each square Im making is made with 36 stitches per side (in the dark blue for easier joining later!) and is blocked to 21cm sq, thats a bit over 8 inches in the old measurements.
So that'll be all for now!!

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Leanne said...

nice work emma. i was eyeing off that 'necklace' to put in my todo list. nice use for it! :)