Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Just a quick post tonight!
So my hands continue to keep busy, this time I thought I would build a friendly little guy whom my daughters have name Owly (original eh?) He stands at approx 20cm tall, all soft and squishy!
He is a mish-mash of all sorts of patterns, mixed in with a bit of my own design.



Annemarie said...

Love this cute owl! I would love to do a feature on you on my blog. I would love it if you contacted me if you're interested:

Best wishes, Annemarie

Bec said...

He is cuuuute! I love how it is a funked up version of 'Hoot' - even his name is a funked up version - 'Hoot-y'!!

Evelyn said...

he is just so super cute Em! I would love to make one so if you ever decide to write up the pattern I'd love to have a copy:)

Emma said...

Thanks girls! I actually got inspiration for him from the material that Im using in the nursery! :) Ev, if you'd really like to make one Im happy to work on a rough pattern idea for you! But a lot of it was trial and error till I got what I liked!

Marjan said...

Very nice. He immediately made me think at a owl that I watched at the television when I was much younger (!) Thank you for this moment of nostalgia.
You can find the (dutch)owl here:

greetings from Holland


Raquel said...

Super cute!!
You're invited to participate in "Martes Creativos", every tuesday in my blog and show your creations to my followers.

Nandi Appelman said...

I love this Owl! Do you have a pattern of it? (please let there be a pattern :D) is it possible for a beginner to make?