Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Summer Dress

Yay, Im busy working on some new projects, for a minute there I was stumped with what to start on next! Here is a dress that I have finished for my eldest. She ADORES her new outfit as it apparently twirls really well.
Here's a bit of a description of how I put it together. First, I started with some beautiful soft acrylic yarn- it was vitally important NOT to be itchy, seeing as it would be right on her skin. This 100% acrylic Little Grins from Spotlight fit the requirements perfectly, and the colour was a bonus! Then I found some printed cotton to match. This stuff that I picked up was acutally in the quilting section, a little heavier than your average cotton, but I couldnt go past the pattern and colours!

The crochet stitch that I decided to use for the bodice was found in a book on my shelf called 'The needlework Book' and it was called the 'close shell stitch', which describes it nicely! I basically just designed the shape as I went, no idea of stitch count or rows or anything, so please dont ask! ;) A tip though, I had a singlet of hers handy to keep a guage on how the shape and size should go, and having her close by for the occasional fitting helped too!
(Edited to add a closeup shot of the bodice here for Denise dV)

The next thing I did was to calculate roughly how long I wanted her skirt to be, and then added about 20cm onto that (I repeat, roughly!) With this measurement I cut the skirt pieces to size. Which is simply 2 squares that measure (in this case) 65cm from centre out diagonally to the corners. Then I measured her waist, and cut out a hole of that dimension in the centre of each square. I then offset the 2 squares diagonally to eachother and stitched the two holes together, then they were stitched to the top. And that's it! I made a waist band to go round the middle, hemmed the skirt, added a little ribbon, and ties on the shoulders... voila!
One very pleased little girl! :)


Leanne said...

Love it em. Like how you combined the material and crocheting!And every girl needs a great twirling dress :)

Hartyboys said...

Hi Em
Love the dress, very clever to make that without a pattern. What a gourgeous little girl, she looks so much like you. Happy crocheting.

Emma said...

Thanks Leanne and Sandra! It was a fun little project. Ive picked up some more material to make a dress for Tilly now too!

Bec said...

Great idea Em, it looks really cute! Did you stitch the crocheted top to the fabric with the sewing machine? That's very brave ;-)

Emma said...

Yep Bec, the crochet was quite thick but the machine survived it! Top stitched over it to make sure it held. Its just come through its first wash no worries :)