Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My beautiful flowergirl

Wow, what a weekend! The wedding was beautiful SIL looked stunning and Halle did a great job as flowergirl. The dresses looked the part and just survived the day. Both girls managed to rip out most of the flounces that we had made, by accidentally stepping on the skirts, but nothing that could not be fixed by a quick slip of a safety pin. So here are some pictures to share of my girl.. isnt she just the cutest!?!?
 I didnt get a good shot of Halle walking in, but heres a quick snap as they left.
Halle on the left.
 Flounces all still in tact at this point in time!
Rear shot, see that little boy in the background admiring her.. lol
 Any real princess dress needs to stand up to the pirouette test
(which I fear it didn't, I think at this point she stepped on the back of the skirt and ripped out a flounce!)

Here are the girls with their beautiful Aunty


J & E Byl said...

Just beautiful Emma!! Pity I didn't get to the wedding to see them all in real! Very special! Emily Byl

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous emma , the dresses looked very chic. I love your throw yoou did , you have a lot of patience and looks so coordinated and yet had all those colors. I would have been having nightmare putting it together.
Just love your blog and what the other do with all your limited time.:) cheers johanna t' Hart

Bec said...

They both looked absolutely gorgeous Em! A princess for sure :-)

Sharelle said...

Great job on the dresses! The girls look very cute :)

Emma said...

Thank ladies the girls did really well on the day. Halle's quite the performer.. although she did get tired of smiling for the camera after a while! :)

Monty Plug said...

WOW!! The dresses are amazing... They both look gorgeous. Very well done.... Monique Plug