Monday, October 31, 2011

Baby Waves

Hello all our lovely blog viewers! Im back again to share another project with you all! I must admit that it is not exactly completed but you can almost not tell by the photo. Its a baby blanket that Ive decided to make out of the left over yarn from the Wedding Blanket that was made for SIL and her hubby. Omitting the red and black. The pattern is from this beautiful blog called Attic 24, I love Lucy's use of colour! And here is my version of it.
Its got about 15 more rows to go and I strategically hid all the 50 odd ends that still need to be darned in, just to take this picture!
As you can maybe tell, there is no particular order to these stripes, as I used this random stripe generator that I found online to determine the sequence of colours. It actually makes the whole process a lot of fun! You just need to pick your colours, punch in details such as how many stripes you want and stripe widths and it comes up with a pattern for you. If you dont like the pattern it makes, you simply refresh the page till one comes up that takes your fancy! Its been really nice to watch the colours grow on the blanket with every new row... I think I'll be using that application again!

Well till next time, happy crafting!
xx Em


Denise said...

absolutely love the blanket Em. I've been meaning to use my left over wools for something like that...I'll check out the random stripe generator too. Thanks for the close up photo of the top of the dress. Very cute.

Emma said...

Thanks Denise, Ive seen a ripple blanket that was made by you for little Levi, that was a beauty too!