Monday, July 18, 2011

Pattern test booties

I know of a couple of ladies that are expecting new little bundles of joy within the next few days (hopefully!!) so what better timing to test out a pattern for newborn booties! This pattern was sent to me via a lovely fellow raveler who actually has her own blog and etsy shop. Her plan is to sell this pattern at a very reasonable price, but she wanted a few testers before doing so. I was happy to put my hand up for that job!! And here's the result:
Now If my guess is correct these booties will find a home in the next couple of days as I think that my neighbour will be having a little boy (today!) Besides if Im wrong, Im sure a little man will turn up sooner or later! Im close to finishing a little vest with the same colours to match.


Sarah said...

Thank you Emma! You did a great job. The pattern is WAY better now thanks to you! I'll send you the new version ASAP.

Bec said...

They are cuuuute!!!! Love the colours too!