Monday, July 18, 2011

Cross over cardi #2

The last post from me for the day I promise!
In previous post I showed you the new cardi I made for Halle.Which was my own design. She has worn it for a couple of Sundays now and while the cardi goes over her head fine, she battles getting her long arms in. The best way to get it off or on is legs first.. not the easiest thing to do in church! lol! I tried not to take it personally when she asked to wear a different button-up jumper this past Sunday.
But I havent given up yet!!! This is take 2 on the cardi. I worked in 8 ply acrylic yarn, which is a lot easier to come across than the chunky used for Halle's version. And with the same amount of starting stitches it came out Elodie's size!!

You know how little tummies tend to stick out? It does make this version of the cardi  ride up quite easily. So notes have been taken and take#3 is in the works with a longer body, the crop style is gone and a full jumper is the effect Im looking for in the next version (plus Im trying stripes) hopfully to fit the middle sized girl of the family, who is in fact feeling left out. 

Raveled here

X Emma

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