Wednesday, July 27, 2011

BabyBlues Babette

Hello all! So guess who is obsessed with this pattern? This is my 3rd babette to date, and actually my first completed one! Admittedly it isn't a full version of the pattern, as being a baby blanket I used only about 1/4 of the squares. I worked with double strands of 8 ply in 6 different colours, and a 6.5mm hook, and the end product is a chunky looking baby boy blanket. So happy with the result!

And seeing it is such a beautiful day outside I thought I would take my pics out in the bush!
Raveled here

That's all for now!


Bec said...

Gorgeous Em! Something to tell us lol, or are you just a bit tired of pinks?! And once again I LOVE the colours, you definitely have a good eye for colour :-)

Ado and Candy said...

Hi Emma,
I have just started getting into crochet myself and i'm loving it! I love all your work and I agree with Bec, you have a great eye for colour! Love the baby blanket :)

Emma said...

thanks Candy, enjoy your crocheting! But be warned it can become very addictive!
Haha Bec, no secrets here, Im loving all these boys being born lately its a nice change from all the pink in this household. Planning to give this one to Jarrah.

Evelyn Roth said...

LOVE this Em, all the colours go so well together! Jarrah is one lucky boy:)

Sharelle said...

Gorgeous Emma! Love the colours together, especially that touch of orange in it...really lifts it!