Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sunday Cardi

Hello blog world, Im back! So glad Sharelle and Bec have been keeping this place alive. We are now in our new place and settling in nicely, even had the time for a bit of crocheting. And Ive finally finished a project to share with you all.
A cardi for Miss Tilly.. :)

Im really happy with the way it turned out, a nice quick and easy pattern. The original pattern is for infant, but with a bigger hook and extra rows it fits her beautifully. I also decided to keep the arms short, and not make the body too long, as I had made it to specifically go over this dress, and its not quite winter here yet, so she should get some wear out of it. Here's the pattern link . I do think I will be making more like this!

That is all for now, Ive got lots of project 3/4 finished so hopefully I will not be gone too long!


Bec said...

It's so pretty on Tilly Em! Love the colour, well done!

Emma said...

Thanks Bec, I think so too. Halle has put in an order for one now too!