Monday, April 11, 2011

Table Runners!

A table runner for Emma!

Hello Again,, I know its been a long time and I can name all the excuses that I can its just been so busy over here. I had my parents out for a couple months and so had to share them with my sister that lives in perth. We also went to perth for a bit of the time and also on holidays. We had a very enjoyable time with them and looking forward to the next time,, who knows when that will be! I will try and be a bit more dedicated this time round, I just had to actually do it Its not like I have not been sewing for the last while I just have been sewing and giving them away before I have taken a photo of them,, but I remembered with these 2 and so thought I better post them before I forget. It was Sharelles birthday and so I thought I should make something for her and so I went with Sharelles mom and we found some material and so off I went sewing.  It was also Emmas birthday the same day and Becs 2 days later and so we put our thinking caps on and decided to sew the girls something together!( Sharelle and I did) and this is what we came up with. Table runners, I am sure they will get good use out of them!!!  I have some up coming projects that I really want to get started..I would love to make for my 2 girls quilts for there bed and so I hope to start that soon. I also have my sister and her friends here from Canada and so I will be making them something to remind them of there wonderful time in Australia. I also thought this year for some presents I will try and make them something. Not sure if it will work all the time but I will sure try. Will see you next time!!! not to long away:)

A table runner for Sharelle

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Bec said...

Love them Hen! You did a great job! Good to see you back here too, lol!