Sunday, October 31, 2010

A sneak peek...

I was just checking our blog tonight to see what the other girls have been busy with when i realised how long its been since iv posted something myself! Its not for lack of not being busy with anything either! I'm working on a rather large (and by large i mean single bed size...which is large enough for me for now!) quilt! I was going to wait until the quilt was finished to show off the final product but really, who knows when that will be! So iv taken two quick pics, just a little sneak peek to keep you all guessing as to what the final product will look like!

OK so here's where i also admit that this is a Quilt Class that i have been doing at our local patchwork shop. Two full days of sewing....bliss (thanks mum for babysitting!) Although we had two full days there is still LOTS to be done on the quilt, the class taught us the basics of the pattern and now its up to us to finish it...eeekkk! My plan is to have it finished for my daughters first birthday, Jan 15th, only time will tell whether i get there or not :)

Till next time,


Bec said...

Wow, you've done heaps! It's looking great, can't wait to see the final product :-)

Evelyn Roth said...

that's gorgeous Sharelle! I love the colours:)

Paul and Tracy Vander Heide said...

Wow...that is amazing! You sure have alot of talent Sharelle.
From Henri`s sis Tracy