Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Yesterday I tried my hand at 'refashioning' some old shorts I had into a pair of maternity shorts, using a few tips from the tutorial found here. Instead of using an old t-shirt for the band I used some old ribbing I had lying around and made a tube which I sewed onto the shorts after unpicking the waistband.

It was a suprisingly easy job and sure beats paying $40 plus for a pair of shorts that will only get a few months use!

The same could be done with a denim skirt or even jeans - the only thing to remember is that they have to be a 'relaxed' fit as you will have to wiggle them over your hips because they don't have a functional zip front anymore :-)



Emma said...

You are one smart cookie!! I found good maternity wear so expensive, considering for how short a time you wear them.. good onya for saving a few bucks!

Sharelle said...

What a great idea! Very clever Bec!