Monday, November 21, 2011

Vintage Baby Blanket

So before getting too far into my Japanese Flower Scarf  I thought I would put a bit of time aside today to do the finishing touches to my last project!

This started as a simple destashing exercise. Ive got crates full of yarn that will need to be used one day, so in order to make a tiny dent in the collection I made this baby blanket. To be honest the colour combo is not my idea. I found inspiration over on ravelry, this beautiful baby babette blanket really had me drooling.(Sorry, I think maybe only fellow ravelers may be able to access this link.)
Sure, I know my interpretation of that colour palette kind of missed the mark, but there's something about that dusty pink, mixed with a dash of burgandy, mustard yellow and teal that really made my fingers itch!! And remember I was destashing, so had to make do with the colours I had!! I still am confident I achieved some level of 'vintageness' which was really what I was aiming for. The pattern that I used really lent to the look aswell, it can be purchased here. Yes, I know, I didnt want to spend money on the right colour yarn, but was happy to do so with the pattern. But Im planning to use this one again! I would just love a throw made in black and white... and so my to-do list grows!!

Miss H loved to watch this one grow, she would get excited about each new colour added, stating that infact this was the best stripe in the whole blanket! So much so that I had almost decided to give it to her as a dolls blanket. This was coupled with the realisation that the kind of colours that appeal to one person doesn't do anything for the next. I'd almost started to see it as a psychadelic zigzaggy disaster myself!! But two lovely people (you know who you are!) renewed my interest in it and I decided to put that last little bit of effort into it and finish it off.

And you know what? Im keeping it! That means Ive got a boy and girl baby blanket all ready and waiting, and Im only 14 weeks pregnant! I can already tell now this baby is going to be living in a wonderful world of wooly knots, regardless of its gender!

So, back to that flower scarf I go!

xx Em


Monty Plug said...

CONGRATULATIONS Emma. Hope everything is going well...... gorgeous blanket.... lucky baby.

Evelyn said...

It turned out great Emma:) I think all the colours really make it special! I really love the pattern you used too!

Emma said...

Thanks Ladies! :)

Cindy said...

And what a lucky little baby he or she will be to live in such a world!

the tenhaafs said...

Love the colors emma and you did a beautiful job once again!!! Lucky bubs is right will never be cold thats for sure:)

Wisteria Oldowl said...

What a gorgeous blanket! Bub will be so snuggly in it. Do you have a facebook page?