Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mini Projects

Hi there! It's been aaaages since I last posted here - between a baby and moving house I have barely had enough to fill up my own blog! But things have started to settle down a bit now and I am managing a little more crafting - although now that baby is well and truly on the move so keeping me busy!

Last week over on Sewing Belle I posted about a beautiful Doll's House my Opa made for me when I was (a lot) younger. I shared some little projects I made for the house and have since found a few more so I thought I would share them here.

Firstly some tiny crocheted granny squares - crocheted with a 0.6mm hook which is so tiny mine in fact snapped inside my storage pouch of hooks, darning needles etc! These squares were destined to be chair pads - that means only 6 to go?!

Secondly a little knitted cardigan complete with bead 'buttons'. I have no idea what sort of thread/yarn I used to knit this and I remember at the time having trouble tracking down the 1mm needles - I think they are actually meant for beading.

Hopefully it won't be so long between posts from now on!!



breukelman said...

Hello crafters! Haven't been toooo faithful in checking out the blog = so when I did today I was so amazed at what I missed. You girls are all so talented - great that you use your talents so well. Love all the new stuff - keep it up - I do check most of the time,!!!!!!!!
Love to you all from Hen's mom in Canada - br-br-br

Emma said...

naww arent they just the teeniest little pieces!! They are so cool Bec!