Friday, September 9, 2011

Granny Square Vest

I am very busy finishing off a couple of big items before my SIL's wedding in October. So hopefully I get them finished in time and can share with you!
But in the mean time I got distracted by this little project.. and Im actually quite impressed with how it turned out. All the while when working on this vest I was wavering between loving the idea and thinking it would look ridiculous. But once I tried it on miss E, I decided it could definitely be worn out in public! The pattern is called 'Granny Square to wear' and that is precisely what it is!! Two squares in fact, arms added and then stitched together, viola!
Admittedly I didnt quite read the pattern, but took the general idea from it, so all credit still goes to the designer! :)

 The most challenging part of this project was getting little Miss E to sit still for more than 1 second to get a good photo!! Such a ratbag!
And here's a close-up of the flower I put on to just fancy-it-up a little.

Thats all for now


Sharelle said...

Too cute! Although having a sweet little model helps to ;-) Definetly can be worn out in public!!

Bec said...

I agree, definitely can be worn in public! I love the yarn - and the little flower addition :-)

Emma said...

Thanks girls, she wore it out today.. although its a bit too hot to be wearing a vest in this weather!

April Perdue said...

HEllo Emma i have on question about the Giant Rug, where did you get the ROLL of PIPPING ?????