Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So you think you can sew?

Not in comparison to the other girls on this blog, but I gave it my best shot today! Miss E has been sleeping under a coverless quilt for 5 months now, so today I decided the situation had to be corrected. And here is the result.

Although this is not a clear pic it gives you an idea of what it looks like (and maybe hides a bit of the 'roughness'.) But Im happy with the results. I tried a bit of gathering on one section, and a ruffle here and some ripple ribbon there. Viola! Still need to add some press studs to the opening, but its already got a sleeping girl under it, so that will have to wait till tomorrow..
The fabric is so cute, just love the little birdies, here's a close-up of them!

x Em


the tenhaafs said...

Hi emma:) love the little quilt you made.. you sure can sew maybe you can join us sometime.. he he

breukelman said...

Hello Y'all - Not that I have crocheted anything lately (except the slipper on your blog - just one slipper, to see if I could do it and it worked) or have time to sew - but I love the ideas you guys come up with and they will inspire me this winter, I'm sur4e!
Love from Henrietta's mom!

emma said...

Hi Mrs Breukelman! :)
Haha Hen, not sure I'll be clever enough to be quilting any time soon! ;)

Bec said...

Aww Em, don't sell yourself short - that looks fantastic!! Love the ruffle addition, well done ;-)