Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cardi for newborn

Hello, here's a little project I whipped up yesterday after hearing of a new little bubba being born. The little girl was born a healthy 7lb 6oz, very close to the size of my girls. So that got me thinking, how about I make her a little piece of clothing that will fit her straight away. I remember what it was like to have so many clothes, but none that fitted my petite little newborns. So here is the result a teeny tiny cardi. The pattern is called Bombay Love and it has a bit of an oriental look to it. Its designed to go over the top of a long sleeve, I think it would look cute over a grow-suit!

And a close-up of the button detail.. arent they cute?
Now I must get it to little Miss bub as soon as I can.


Evelyn said...

wow this is gorgeous Emma! I love those little buttons so sweet. I can't believe how quickly you finish your projects :)!

Emma said...

Thanks Ev, it helps that it was so small and such an easy pattern.. But I also like to think Im getting a little quicker with the hook ;)
Yeah, arent those buttons too cute!

Sarah said...

This is so cute!!! Love love love!