Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More crochet!

Ive got a few different things to show off today, finally got some finished projects!!

First here is the project that Ive been working on with Hen over the past couple of weeks.

Dinosaur Beanie...
My plan was to send this to a little 3 months old that I know but after trying it on the head of a 2 months old Ive decided to save it for a newborn, as it was snug on the head of an 8 week old!! So this is basically the same pattern as the beanie I made for my nephew in a previous post, with different shape earflaps and ofcourse on a smaller scale. Ive promised to write this out one day to share with you all, will get to it soon Jell!! Hen has finished her version too, Im sure she will post soon! hint hint Hen! lol! The spikes were not our design, the pattern for it is found here.

My next little project was another hat this time for my little 6 month old niece.

The funny thing about this is that I started with the plan to make a beanie but for some reason it just grew HUGE very fast, so instead of ripping out rows -which would be a pain seeing each row had a change of colour- I changed it into a berret style cap by doing one decrease row (every 3 sts) and then finishing it off with a few rounds of sc (dc for us aussies). Popped a few flowers along the edge to 'girl' it up. Viola!

Im quite excited about this next project Im showing you. This is my own personal pattern for a crossover cardigan. This is the first Ive made and I know there will be a few little things to iron out, but I hope that I can write up this pattern and share it all with you one day! I only started it on Monday, its a really quick and easy design that works up quite thick and warm. Perfect for Halle's winter Sunday wardrobe! 
So here it is the Chunky Crossover Cardi-

what do you think? I will probably be needing some pattern testers over the next few weeks, so if anyone is interested, shoot me your email! Its suitable for beginners/ novice as it only requires you to know how to ch, sc, hdc and dc.(American terms, I know bad eh? But I can give it to you in AU/UK terms too) It would also help to know how to inc dc and dec dc, but thats really easy to learn I promise!

So I will leave you with 2 last projects with links to their patterns. Ive been a busy little crocheter lately! :)

This is the hundred yard dash scarf, using the hairpin lace technique!

And here are some Mary Jane Slippers, such an easy pattern and worked up so cute.. too bad my dog has already chewed this pair.

Thats all for now!!
Emma :)


Reinier + Jo-Ellen said...

Hi Emma! Wow, you have been busy :-) Those slippers are just SO CUTE!!! I'm getting some crocheting lessons from an Aunty on Thursday morning. All I can crochet at the moment is scarfs, and thats getting very boring, haha!! Happy crocheting! xx

Bec said...

Love the red scarf! And those slippers - so cute! Well done on designing you own pattern for the cardigan, I think it looks fab! I would offer to pattern test but better not seeing I have 101 of my own unfinished projects, lol!

the tenhaafs said...

oh so talented Emma:) love your projects,, look at how many you got done..he he

emma said...

ha ha Hen! See I can actually finish things! :)
Thanks Bec and Jell!