Sunday, June 26, 2011

Craft Update

Wow It’s been ages since I blogged (so long I actually forgot the password and log-in for the blog!) so i do apologise and hopefully I won’t have such a big break between posts again! I actually haven’t been doing a whole of sewing so there isn’t a lot to show you all! The project I’m sharing to today has been ongoing for the last 4 or so months. It is what’s called a beginners sampler, I am making it in a quilting class that I’m doing along with Henrietta. Even though we've both been sewing for a little while, we are pretty much self taught or taught by others so we thought it would be a good idea to get some 'professional training' :D so we signed up for a beginners quilting class. Well i can say we've learnt lots, kicked bad habits and have produced a beautiful wall hanging in the process! We attend every Thursday night and for approx 3hrs we are taught how to make a block for our quilt, each block teaches a different technique and put together form what’s called a beginners sampler. We aren’t quite finished yet, although were getting close! But seeing as this has been what’s taken up most of my time I thought id share the progress with you!
Hopefully now Hen will blog the progress of hers and you can see how differant they both are! Its awesome to see how differant fabric choices make the same quilt look so differant!
Excuse the bad quality of the photos, I thought I would take the pics outside as the lighting was better but I ended up having to snap the pics very quickly as the wind kept trying to blow it away!  xx Sharelle

Almost finished, just needs another brown strip on either side, then it still has a border aswell, then comes the big job of quilting!

'Crocket Cabin'

'Dresden Plate'

'Card Trick'

'Album Block'

'Log Cabin'

'Dutchmans Puzzle'

'Square in a Square'


'Martha Washington Star'

'Coventry Cottage'

'Drunkard Path'

'Gentlemans Fancy'


Emma said...

So neat sharelle! Love the names too, I like the drunkard path! lol.

Bec said...

You did such a great job Sharelle! All those points meet up so perfectly - I could only dream, lol!