Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Babette Blanket

Hello, a whole month between posts! Thats pretty bad, blame it on the time of year though, were all busy Mums and time is just flying by.
But Im still hooking whenever and wherever I can. My latest project is finally getting to a size that Im happy to share what Im doing. I started this in early December, and am currently about 1/2 way through. It will end up being a fairly small blanket (to what I was expecting) but its turing out to be a lot of fun. Simple square, lots of bright colours and lots and lots of weaving in ends! This is where I originally discovered the pattern (isnt it beautiful!!!) and here is more detail on my 'Babette Journey'.
So hopefully I will finish it within the next month or so and post a picture of the finished product for you to see. BUT we should be moving house within that time too, so I wont promise too much!

So thats all from me for now!!


Anonymous said...

Wow Emma that is turning out so nice!
I'm slowly but surely getting through my blanket. I ended up just using the 'B' square from the pattern and that is all i'm doing. I tried the 'C' square but it is so confusing it was giving me a headache. I really have to hurry up and get more done though. This baby will be here before i know it!

Emma said...

Thanks Tash, Im glad to hear you're still working on your blanket too, Im sure it will still look good with the single style of square!