Tuesday, May 29, 2012

And then there were 6

Hello all, and update to let you know that our precious bundle has arrived. Little master Miles arrived in the early hours of Thursday the 24th of May. We are all completely smitten with him and are now settling into the life of a family of 6.

Brand new and adorable!

But while we were patiently (or not so!) waiting for his arrival I spent a bit of time behind my new sewing machine that my dear husband had bought me for my birthday, and the results; a t-shirt dress for Miss Halle. The shirt was purchased and I found some cotton to match, whipped up this gathered skirt without a pattern in sight, in an afternoon. Admittedly, there are things I would do different if I were to make another, but I have one very pleased little recipient, so that's all that matters for now! I am really keen to get into a bit more sewing, but the crochet WIPs are backing up, and there is a newborn in the house too, so my crafting must take the back burner for just a little while me thinks. Oh but you know what? I can breastfeed and crochet at the same time.... how convenient!!!!

xx Emma


Hartyboys said...

Congratulations John and Emma. So happy to hear that your little man arrived safe and well. May God be with you as you raise this covenant child in the fear and honor of His name.
David and Sandra

Bruce and Sarah said...

Congratulations Emma! I love coming here and looking at the different projects you ladies are busy with. Do we get to see a pic of your little man in his gorgeous going home outfit?? :)
Regards, Sarah Huizinga

Emma said...

Thanks Sandra and Sarah! Yes,I must share a pic of Miles in his outfit!! I will attepmt to take one on the next day or so, funny how it goes, but he went home in a grow suit!! So easy at the time.. I need to make sure he wears all his gorgeous home made outfits before he grows too big!

Evelyn said...

Had a laugh to laugh at the chrocheting while breastfeeding comment! I tried the same thing with Zade and Anthony made so much fun of me that I never told anyone, glad to know I'm not the only 'crazy' (Anthony's words) one! Admittedly it didn't work to well for me so well done! :)

Sharelle said...

Yes please to a photo of Miles in his outfit!! :) x sharelle

Lucy said...

He's adorable, congratulations, Emma! Love his name too. Bet he is being cuddled to bits!
I love checking up on what yourself, H, S and B are making; such lovely projects and awesome ideas. It gives me hope that perhaps a lapsed crafter like me might be able to get back into it again ;-)