Saturday, May 14, 2011

Crocheted Clover Scarf

Another little project done to report on! This one is for my dear SIL.. here is the link to the pattern. I think it will look quite lovely on her. Its her birthday on Monday, hope she likes it.
My scarf is a bit narrower than the pattern, I had to do that to make sure I had enough yarn to make a decent length! :)
This pic was taken in the process of making it, will try and take another picture before I post in on Monday!
It was an easy pattern and fun to do!


Bec said...

Wow that looks beautiful Em, love the yarn colour!

The Ten Haafs said...

Lov th scarf Emma:) we really need to catch up when we get back so I can learn a few things:)

Emma said...

Thanks girls, I really like the way this turned out.. quite vintage!
Hen..I'll teach you all I know! ;) Have a great holiday.xx