Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Crocheted Blanket

My mom crocheted me a blanket and I always wanted to make one ever since. For my birthday I got a crocheting booklet and I just learned from there, Also with some help from my fellow friends. I made this blanket for my daughter Angelina, we painted her room a lite purple and so I thought this would go with it quite well. I needed a break from cross stitching and so I thought will just make a blanket and so at least I have something to do at nites. and now its done and I am actally proud of my handy work. But now that I am done I think I will start another one I will miss doing it at nites, just not sure how much wool is left in the stores but will have to go and check it out.

My daughter Angelina wanted a pic with her new blanket. So cute she says to me this morning when I gave it to her mom can I put it in my room on my bed.. they just love new things.

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Bec said...

You did such a great job Hen! Love the colours, and the photo with Angelina is gorgeous - it's so nice when they appreciate something you've made for them :-)

breukelman said...

Beautiful Hen - just beautiful, so proud of you!
Love mom

Emma said...

Looks so cool all spread out like that! Angelina sure looks chuffed too!

Evelyn Roth said...

well done Hen, it worked out really well, all the colours go so well together:)Angelina looks pretty happy with her new blanket!